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For a Personal Service | Fitted and Freestanding made to measure Furniture for every room

Create an Appealing Room with our Fitted Bedroom Furniture in Hockley, Essex

No matter the shape of your rooms, our team are happy to create fitted bedroom furniture that truly makes use of your space. Based in Hockley, Essex, and serving clients in the surrounding area, our capable team create layouts that match your room. Whether you are looking for a new wardrobe or some spacious cupboards, we are always happy to help.




Freestanding Chests

Dressing Tables


Sliding Doors

Angled Doors

Top Boxes

Tall Doors

A Tailored Service

Using ArtiCAD™ design software, I will show you a realistic image of your property. This allows you to see how it looks before you place an order, whether you need office or kitchen furniture. View a sample of the tailored options that we offer for your bedroom in the Gallery

Meeting Your Needs

As I like to create an option that suits your needs, I regularly keep in touch with you via email, sending images and designs to ensure  you are happy. Altering a layout is quick and efficient, and you can rely on my experience to advise on the most practical and cost effective design. This speeds up the decision-making process and allows you to show the images to your partners or children, ensuring  the whole family is happy.

Contact our team in Hockley, Essex, for further information on our fitted bedroom furniture.